And the 2014-15 HPNA Nominees Are…

The Hyde Park Nominating Committee is honored to submit its slate of candidates for the upcoming elections for the HPNA Steering Committee:

Co-Presidents: Lorre Weidlich and Kevin Heyburn

Co-Vice Presidents: Kathy Lawrence and Adrian Skinner

Co-Secretaries: Artie Gold and Reid Long

Treasurer: I.J. Aarons

At-Large Steering Committee: Heidi Bojes, Jessica Charbeneau, and Sharon Brown

These candidates include mostly incumbent members and officers who are hoping to sustain their roles in HPNA leadership. It includes three people who will be new to their positions in the neighborhood association:

Adrian Skinner, Co-Vice President Nominee

Adrian and his wife Sarah moved to Hyde Park in 2011. They selected the area because of the excellent location, charming older homes, and walkability; they were also pleasantly surprised by the engaging community.  Over the last three years, Adrian has restored their 1939 cottage on Duval room by room.  He enjoys commuting by bicycle to his office at the Texas Attorney General and has a special interest in the traffic congestion that Austin faces.  Aside from traffic, Adrian believes Hyde Park has a unique challenge balancing the preservation of neighborhood character while adapting to the changing needs of the population.  He believes in civic activism and has petitioned City Council on a number of issues affecting Hyde Park.

Reid Long, Co-Secretary Nominee

Reid Long has lived in the northern part of Hyde Park on Caswell for just over 6 years. He is interested in being involved in HPNA to help the neighborhood grow, develop, and remain a vibrant place to live. He is a scientific advisor for an intellectual property law firm. He has a whole stack of degrees from UT Austin, culminating in a PhD in chemistry.

Sharon Brown, At-Large Steering Committee Member Nominee

Sharon was born in San Antonio, graduated from UT, and returned to school for her master’s in the mid-80s from the LBJ School of Public Affairs. She and her husband Don moved into their home on Avenue F in 1982 and have lived there ever since. She has worked in various roles in the public sector, including serving as a policy analyst for a welfare agency. Sharon is very active in politics. She is the VP for Central Austin Democrats, and will soon be its precinct chair. She says she volunteers on campaigns to support good people and for her own mental health. Sharon’s hopes are for the Hyde Park community to participate actively in all the decisions that affect us, for our children to have excellent public schools, and for everyone to have a level playing field in life. She said she is “looking forward to working with the talented neighbors who give time and energy in so many ways to Hyde Park.”

The HPNA Nominating Committee is made up of Kathy Lawrence, John Williams, and Adam Wilson. The committee is deeply grateful to all the returning and new Steering Committee members who are committed to transparent governance and making Hyde Park a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful community.   Voting for the new Steering Committee members will occur at the general meeting on Monday, October 6.

–Adam Wilson

Nominating Committee Chair