Steering Committee

Officers and at-large steering committee members serve for two-year terms.
End of term noted in parentheses.

Co-President Reid Long (2017)
Co-President Kevin Heyburn (2017)
Co-Vice President Kathy Lawrence (2017)
Co-Vice President Betsy Clubine (2018)
Co-Secretary Artie Gold (2017)
Co-Secretary Susan Marshall (2018)
Co-Treasurer Suzanna Walker (2018) PO Box 49427, Austin, TX 78765
At-Large Steering Committee Members
These positions were established in 2006.
Joan Burnham (2017)
Sarah Cook (2018)
Mark Fishman (2017)
Paula Rhodes (2018)
Dorothy Richter (lifetime term)
Lorre Weidlich (2017, immediate past president)
Karin Wilkins (2017)

Inquiries regarding steering committee agendas should be directed to the president. General meeting agenda questions should be directed to the vice president. Development questions should be directed to the development review chair.