Planning on Remodeling or Building?

Contact the HPNA Development Review Committee

Building and remodeling in Hyde Park are regulated by a series of city ordinances designed to protect the historic and neighborhood character of Hyde Park.

If you’re not accomplished in architecture or urban planning, it might be difficult for you to understand how some of these ordinances apply to your building or remodeling project. That’s why the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association has a Development Review Committee (DRC).

The DRC is a standing advisory committee of volunteers with expertise in these laws and procedures. They can help you negotiate your way through the process and be successful at achieving a result that satisfies both you and the neighborhood protections.

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association strongly encourages anyone considering a remodeling or building project to meet with the DRC as early as possible in the planning process. The DRC meets on the Thursday following the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association meeting at Trinity Methodist Church, 4004 Speedway, 7 pm. Meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend

To be part of the agenda, contact the DRC chair David Conner. The agenda for each meeting is published on the neighborhood listserv. If  you are the neighbor of a proposed construction or remodel, you might find it valuable to hear and respond to the plans. The DRC welcomes input from all neighbors.

When you attend a DRC meeting, bring the following information about your proposed project:

  1.  A site plan with these elements indicated:
    • Property lines and setback lines, including all setback dimensions
    • Footprint of new additions and any new site items that affect impervious cover
    • Location and dimensions of parking spots, as required by property
    • Any trees with a diameter of 19 inches or more, measured four and one-half feet above natural grade.
  2. Impervious cover calculations, both existing and proposed.
  3. FAR calculations, both existing and proposed.
  4. Square footages of the existing lot, existing property, and proposed property.
  5. Existing and proposed floor plans.
  6. Existing and proposed exterior elevations, showing the McMansion envelope compliance and the total building height. Photographs of all sides of the property can be substituted for existing exterior elevations.
  7. Photographs of the exterior of the property.
  8. Knowledge of whether your structure is contributing to the Hyde Park Local Historic District.

DRC Procedure

When you bring a case to the DRC for review, the DRC can do several things with it.

  • If it’s a simple case, requiring only advice, the DRC will handle the case.
  • If it’s more complicated, the DRC will refer the case to the HPNA Steering Committee. More complicated cases include those that require determination by the Historic Landmark Commission, that require a variance, that request neighborhood support, and that are the subject of a City of Austin request for neighborhood association input.
  • If the Steering Committee considers it advisable or if you request it, the Steering Committee will bring the case to the entire membership for consideration at a general neighborhood association meeting.

If the City of Austin has requested input from the neighborhood association but there is insufficient time for the Steering Committee to consider the case, the Steering Committee will automatically ask for a postponement by the City of Austin.

Hyde Park Zoning and Building Guidelines and Standards

All Hyde Park (38th Street to 51st Street, Guadalupe Street to Red River Street)

  • Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan, adopted April 13, 2000 by the Austin City Council as an amendment to the City’s adopted master plan. This document sets out policy for both private development and public infrastructure. Every area with a neighborhood plan also has a city-mandated Contact Team responsible for working for the implementation of its Neighborhood Plan.
  • Hyde Park Design Guidelines, adopted as part of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan. These apply to all parts of Hyde Park that are not included in the Hyde Park Local Historic District.

Hyde Park South of 45th Street (38th Street to 45th Street, Guadalupe Street to Duval Street)

  • Hyde Park Neighborhood Conservation Combining District (Hyde Park NCCD) (Ordinance No. 020131-20 ( effective January 31, 2002). This sets out standards for residential property for the original Hyde Park neighborhood, for example, forbids garages on the fronts of buildings, sets height limits to 30′ (not 35′), and zones most of the houses as SF3 (often changed from MF3 or MF4).
  • Amendments to Hyde Park NCCD
  • Hyde Park Local Historic District (Hyde Park LHD) (Ordinance No. 20101216-093 (, effective December 26, 2010). This applies to most of the area south of 45th Street. See the LHD map for exact boundaries. It includes design standards intended to preserve the historic character of the area. All building and remodeling projects within the LHD area must be reviewed by the Historic Landmark Commission.

Hyde Park North of 45th Street (45th Street to 51st Street, Guadalupe Street to Red River Street)