Inquiries regarding steering committee agendas should be directed to president, inquiries regarding general meeting agendas should be directed to vice president, and inquiries regarding development should be directed to development review chair.

HPNA Steering Committee (officers elected annually; 2 year terms for at large steering committee members)

Co-President Lorre Weidlich (since 2013)
Co-President Kevin Heyburn(since 2013)
Co-Vice President Kathy Lawrence
Co-Vice President Mark Fishman
Co-Secretary Artie Gold
Co-Secretary Adrian Skinner
Co-Treasurer I. Jay Aarons PO Box 49427, Austin, TX 78765
Co-Treasurer Steve Baker PO Box 49427, Austin, TX 78765
Additional Steering Committee Members; these positions were established in 2006
Heidi Bojes (2013-2015; began serving in 2013)
Eric Stumberg (2012-2014; began serving in 2010)
Jessica Charbeneau (2013-2015; began serving in 2013)
Betsy Clubine (2013-2015; began serving in 2013)
Ellie Hanlon (2013-2015; began serving in 2013)
Dorothy Richter, Ex Officio
John Williams (immediate past president)

HPNA Committee/Task Forces

Please contact the HPNA President if you are interested in filling an open position.

  • AISD •Annette Lucksinger
  • Alley Coordinator •Carol Burton,
  • Austin Neighborhoods Council Rep • Claire deYoung,
  • Beautification • Robin Burch,
  • Children’s Programs •  Elise Krentzel
  • Church/Neighborhood Liaison • Kathy Lawrence,
  • Crime & Safety • Carol Welder
  • Development Review • David Conner,
  • Finance • David Conner,
  • Graffiti Patrol • Lisa Harris, or 420-0652
  • Homes Tour 2013 • Carolyn Grimes,
  • Membership • Sharon Brown and Karen Saadeh, and
  • Neighborhood Outreach • Larry Gilg,
  • Neighborhood Planning • Karen McGgraw,
  • Parks and Public Space• Mark Fishman,, 656-5505
  • Transportation • Mike Pikulski,
  • Social • Deaton Bednar,
  • Tree Preservation • VOLUNTEER NEEDED
  • Triangle Development • Cathy Echols, 4002 Ave. C., 206-0729
  • Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (NOTE: This is not an HPNA committee but an entity set up by the city. Information on the contact team is provided on our website for the convenience of our members but the contact team is independent of HPNA.) • Karen McGraw,

Additional HPNA Representatives

Pecan Press Editor Michael Nill Website Maintenance Michael Crider Yahoo Group Moderator Sara Bircher 789-9001