Another Velvet Morning (Poem)

Another velvet morning

Air, luscious, caressing skin,

Flutters the fabric of my night garb,

The day is only beginning,

Time suspended


Will the sun shine, moisture rising,

Will it rain, the moisture adhere,

Caressing flora the way the velvet

Touches my skin?


Rain and sun, together,

Water, light, and heat,

Rise, disperse, and steaming,

Filling space between earth and sky,

Filling air between the night and day,

Expands until it overflows,

Seeping into the night,


Softening the edges of the stars,

Cushioning the edges of the dreams

That might pierce the night, if not somehow

Softened by the errant steam,

Rising from the marriage of

Rain and sun, softening the morning,

Another velvet morning.