Austin Neighborhoods Council news

On Wednesday the Austin Neighborhoods Council executive committee approved rolling out (introducing) the resolution regarding improving the local historic district application process at the January ANC general meeting and voting on it at the February one. This is the resolution printed together with my column in the January Pecan Press.

In other ANC news, ANC Central breakfasts (open to all members of all member associations in our sector of the city; that includes us) are moving to Waterloo Ice House near Seton. They are the first Tues. of most months, sometimes starting at 7:30 AM, sometimes at 8. (Each month when I get the full details, usually a few days to a week before the meeting, I put them on our calendar on this website.)

Finally, we could still use a new ANC representative for Hyde Park. It would be best if I am not the only person representing Hyde Park at ANC since I am on the ANC executive committee, and there may be occasions when the way I would vote in those two roles conflicts.

ANC general meetings are at the Austin Energy Building on 4th Wednesdays (except in November and December, when there is normally no general meeting). You don’t have to have any official ANC role to attend, so if you want to attend one as an observer, either because you are considering becoming our ANC rep or because you are interested in one or more of the topics on the agenda, you are welcome. The ANC website is at

The info on the January general meeting should be up soon but isn’t yet.