Bylaws of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association


The name of this organization is the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, also referred to as “HPNA.” HPNA is an unincorporated, nonprofit association, operating under the Uniform Nonprofit Association Act.


South of 45th Street, HPNA is bounded by 38th Street, 45th Street, Guadalupe Street and Duval Street. North of 45th Street, HPNA is bounded by 45th Street, 51st Street, Red River Street and Guadalupe except for the University of Texas Intramural Fields, which are not a part of HPNA. The above area shall be referred to as “Hyde Park” in this document.


HPNA exists to foster a closer, more genuine community of neighbors and to preserve the historic and unique character, amenities, and ecology of the community of Hyde Park. This is accomplished by providing a forum through meetings of HPNA and its committees for pursuing a variety of goals beneficial to the community and by combining the efforts of the residents in effecting the improvement, restoration and preservation of the Hyde Park community.
HPNA will not engage in partisan politics to achieve any of its goals, nor will HPNA endorse or otherwise support partisan political candidates. HPNA is not organized for profit and no profit shall accrue to anyone by virtue of being a member or officer of HPNA. HPNA shall maintain its status as a 501(c)(4) organization in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.


The goals of HPNA include but are not limited to the following:

  • To seek the improvement of single and multiple family dwellings by residents and absentee homeowners and apartment owners.
  • To encourage people to live in Hyde Park.
  • To facilitate the education of residents regarding all available options open to them relating to the problems of home ownership, zoning rights, etc.
  • To promote the preservation and highlighting of historically significant homes in Hyde Park and to support and preserve the Elisabet Ney Museum.
  • To participate in the observance of city zoning and use codes and to address zoning problems in Hyde Park and its surrounding areas.
  • To work toward development and preservation of natural green spaces, creeks, parks, trees, appropriate landscaping and general land use.
  • To establish mutual protection and safety.
  • To promote recreation and neighborhood festivals.
  • To aid in procuring cultural facilities in the Hyde Park area.
  • To improve the safety of the streets through better traffic control.
  • To provide a greater emphasis on inclusion of apartment dwellers as integral members of the community, even though their tenancy may be of short duration.
  • To accomplish any other activities in furtherance of the purposes of HPNA.


Membership in HPNA is open to all residents aged 18 or older who reside within the boundaries of Hyde Park or within 300 feet of the designated boundaries.

Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals not otherwise eligible for membership upon a majority vote of HPNA. Honorary membership does not confer voting rights.

The HPNA membership year begins on October 1 of each year and ends on September 30 of the following year.


Membership in HPNA is contingent upon payment of annual dues, the amount of said dues being determined by a vote of the membership at the annual meeting in October. Dues paid at any time during the year shall convey membership only until the end of the HPNA year the following September 30.

Renewal memberships have continuous voting rights provided dues have not lapsed for more than 6 months.


A general meeting of the membership of HPNA shall be held on the first Monday of each month, unless the first Monday falls on a holiday, in which case the Steering Committee shall designate an alternate meeting time. The time and place of all meetings shall be set by the Steering Committee and announced to the membership in accordance with Article VIII of these Bylaws.

A special meeting of the membership may be called, upon 24 hours notice at any time by at least 2 officers or 15 members of HPNA.

A quorum is 15 members and a quorum is required to be present at any meeting of the membership of HPNA at which a record vote is taken.

Presentations by candidates for political office shall be limited to a brief introduction and statement of qualifications, except when such presentations are part of a general candidates forum invited by HPNA.

The President or other presiding officer shall appoint an officer or other member of HPNA to serve as Parliamentarian of each general or special meeting of the membership.


HPNA shall maintain an official announcement e-mail list reserved solely for the purpose of posting notice for all events and votes to be taken. Subscription to the official announcement e-mail list shall be offered to all members.

HPNA shall also maintain a physical community bulletin board at a location central and accessible to all members, such location to be determined by vote of the Steering Committee and to be announced to the membership at the October annual meeting and to be listed in each issue of the Pecan Press.

Notice of any issue to be voted on at any meeting of HPNA must be posted by an officer of HPNA at least seven days prior to any meeting, with the exception of emergencies as provided herein, at which a vote on that issue is to be taken by both of the following methods:

  1. By electronic posting on the official announcement e-mail list, and
  2. By physical posting on the official designated neighborhood bulletin board.

It is recommended that any issue to be voted upon, the existence of which is known by the publication deadline of the HPNA monthly newsletter, The Pecan Press, be listed in The Pecan Press.

In the event that a vote of HPNA becomes necessary on an emergency basis, that vote may be taken with less than seven days notice, only upon the vote of three officers of HPNA certifying that an emergency exists. Notice of such emergency votes must be given by posting on the official announcement e-mail list and by physical posting on the HPNA bulletin board as soon as possible.


A record vote of the membership is required for the issues, as well as for other issues for which a record appropriate:

  1. Election of officers
  2. Adoption of the budget
  3. Setting of dues
  4. Setting or change of any policy of HPNA
  5. Amendment of the bylaws
  6. Adoption of any position of HPNA, including all positions to be communicated to any governmental body, with the exception of specific narrow development cases for which the City of Austin asks the opinion of the HPNA.

To be eligible to vote, a member must be 18 years of age or older, have held membership for at least 30 days and be current on dues. The 30 day period shall be determined from the date of receipt of membership dues by the Membership Committee or from the date of post mark, in the event the membership dues are mailed.

No member shall accept consideration for voting the interest of another.

No proxy or absentee voting shall be allowed.

Upon entering a meeting of HPNA, members will sign in. Status of membership will be verified by the Membership Committee and those members eligible to vote will be handed a voting card.

Votes will be made by raised card and will be counted by the Parliamentarian and recorded by the Secretary. All voting cards shall be returned at the end of the meeting.


HPNA shall have the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Each officer shall perform the duties of the office, as follows:

  1. President: The duties of the President shall include presiding over meetings of HPNA and serving as a spokesperson for the association.
  2. Vice President: The duties of the Vice President shall include performing the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of or at the request of the President. The Vice President shall have responsibility for planning and implementing programs for Association meetings.
  3. Secretary: The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting of the general membership. The Secretary shall maintain a current, accurate list of the committees of HPNA, together with the names and contact information of all committee chairs and shall cause this list to be published on HPNA’s website and in The Pecan Press. The Secretary shall maintain the organizational records of HPNA.
  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain all financial records and banking accounts of HPNA, and conduct all associated activities, including reconciling banking records, billing and accounts payable. The Treasurer shall be responsible for production of a general financial summary at least quarterly, which summary shall be presented promptly to a general membership meeting of HPNA.

No member shall hold the same office for more than 2 consecutive terms, except that the office of Treasurer shall not be subject to any limitation of terms. However, a member may again hold the same office for subsequent term(s). Any office may be filled by more than one person. Any vacancy that occurs during a term shall be filled by a candidate nominated by the Nominations Committee upon a vote of the Steering Committee.

In the event that a member who holds an elected office in the association fails to perform the duties of the office which the member holds, the member may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Steering Committee. The member who is being considered for removal from office shall not participate in the removal vote. Three consecutive absences without advance notice to at least one officer shall be considered grounds for removal from office.

All members who hold elected office in the association are encouraged to regularly attend both the general membership meetings of the association and meetings of the Steering Committee.


The Steering Committee shall be the principal representative, governing, and policy-recommending body of HPNA. Actions of the Steering Committee shall be governed by the will of the membership as expressed at general and special membership meetings.

The Steering Committee shall be comprised of the officers of HPNA, the immediate past president of HPNA and 6 current voting members of HPNA who are elected at large for a 2-year term. These 6 positions will be staggered so that 3 positions are filled each year at the same time officers are elected. A revised list of the members of the Steering Committee will be listed in the Pecan Press, web site, and email list each year.

The voting members elected at large may be re-elected; however, a voting member elected at large shall not serve in excess of two consecutive full two-year terms. The two consecutive two-year term limitation for voting members elected at large shall not prevent the election of such persons from further service as a voting member of the steering committee after an absence from that committee for two or more years. Serving more than one year of a two-year term is treated as a full two-year term for the purposes of term limitation. Serving one year or less of a two-year term is not a full two-year term for the purposes of term limitation.

In the event that the Steering Committee position of the immediate past president of HPNA is vacant, an additional member shall serve on the Steering Committee in the place of the immediate past president. If the position is vacant at the regular time for the election of officers, it shall be filled in accordance with the terms of these bylaws for the election of officers. If the vacancy occurs during a term, it shall be filled by a candidate nominated by the Nominations Committee upon a vote of the Steering Committee.

The President shall serve as chairperson of the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee shall meet at least at a standing time and day to be determined annually by the Steering Committee. Notice shall be given by e-mail or telephone to all Steering Committee members.

The Steering Committee meetings are open to the all members of HPNA, however, only Steering Committee members can vote on issues.

The Steering Committee can appoint any ad hoc committee or positions such as chairs. All appointments shall be announced to the next meeting of the general membership, as well as on the official announcement e-mail list and in The Pecan Press.


All representatives and standing and ad hoc committees exist by appointment of the Steering Committee, as necessary to advance and maintain the activities of the Association. All standing and ad hoc committees shall:

  1. Be reappointed annually by the Steering Committee and such reappointments announced at the January Meeting.
  2. Report regularly to the Steering Committee.
  3. Report periodically to a meeting of the general membership.
  4. Maintain a current listing on the HPNA website and in The Pecan Press, including contact information and listing the chairpersons or representatives.
  5. Announce times and places of meetings on the HPNA official announcement e-mail list, in The Pecan Press and on the HPNA website and bulletin board.

A. Representatives: Representatives are members of HPNA who volunteer to fill positions needed to conduct the ongoing business of HPNA. They are appointed by the President as needed and are reappointed each year by the President at the January meeting. Representatives may include the following:

Pecan Press Layout
Pecan Press Editor
Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative
Electronic Communications
Safety and Crime Reporter

B. Standing Committees: Standing Committees are those committees which operate on an ongoing basis to conduct the business of HPNA. They may meet regularly, for a specific period of time or purpose or on an as needed basis. The Standing Committees of HPNA shall include the following:

  1. Development Review Committee: This committee shall be composed of at least 3 members who shall be selected on the basis of expertise in and familiarity with the issues, ordinances and procedures of development within Hyde Park. All questions of proposed development within the boundaries of HPNA shall initially be referred to this committee for discussion with the developer. This committee shall have the power to make a recommendation regarding any governmental action to be taken as a result of any issue before the committee. The committee shall report its recommendation to the Steering Committee and to the general membership of HPNA. If the City of Austin asks the opinion of the HPNA for a particular development case, the Development Review Committee will present their findings to the Steering Committee, and the Steering Committee can vote “I am in favor” or “I object” on that particular case. The Steering Committee can also vote to have that specific development case presented and voted on at an HPNA General Meeting. All property owners have the right to have their specific development cases presented and voted on at an HPNA General Meeting after the property owners have presented their case to the Development Review Committee and the Steering Committee.
  2. Finance Committee: This committee shall be composed of at least 3 members and shall be responsible for oversight of the financial affairs of HPNA. It shall prepare a proposed annual budget by November of each year, which proposed budget shall be submitted for a vote of the membership of HPNA at the December meeting of each year. This committee shall provide guidance and oversight of the financial procedures and investments of HPNA. The committee shall annually determine which officers and chairpersons shall have authority to approve expenditures and shall set expenditure limits for such authorizations.
  3. Historic Preservation: This committee shall be composed of members with expertise or interest in preserving the historic structures within Hyde Park. The committee shall seek to
    promote the preservation of individual structures, as well as the preservation of Hyde Park as an historical area.
  4. Homes Tour Committee: This committee shall be composed of at least 3 members and shall be responsible for the planning and conduct of the annual Hyde Park Homes Tour. The committee shall be responsible for obtaining financial underwriting, sponsorships and advertising in advance of the event, such that cancellation of the event will not result in a loss to HPNA.
  5. Membership Committee: This committee shall be responsible for recruiting and enrolling new members of HPNA and for maintaining the official membership records of HPNA. The committee shall certify membership status for the purpose of determining eligibility to vote. The committee shall maintain the official announcement e-mail list.
  6. Nominations Committee: This committee shall be composed of at least 3 members and shall be responsible for recruiting and proposing a slate of candidates for the annual election of officers and Steering Committee members to be elected at the October annual meeting. The slate of nominees shall be presented to the membership no later than the September meeting of HPNA. Nominations shall also be taken from the floor at the annual membership meeting. The committee shall further be responsible for recruiting and nominating members to fill any vacancy in the officers or Steering Committee members which occur during the HPNA year.
  7. Zoning and Planning Committee: This committee shall be composed of members with specialized expertise and interest in the issues which come before the committee, to include zoning cases, planning matters and changes to infrastructure concerning Hyde Park.

C. Ad Hoc Committees: Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed by the Steering Committee, as necessary to the business of HPNA. An Ad Hoc Committee shall disband when its mission is completed. In the event that an Ad Hoc committee is still in existence at the end of the HPNA year, it shall cease to exist unless it is reappointed by the Steering Committee. Ad Hoc Committees may include the following committees, together with such other committees as the Steering Committee may deem necessary:
Children’s Activities


HPNA shall provide official notice to its membership by maintaining an official announcement e-mail list, as well as a physical public bulletin board. HPNA shall maintain a bulletin board in a central and accessible location for the publication of announcements. HPNA shall publish its newsletter, The Pecan Press, monthly.
HPNA shall also maintain a website, which provides information about HPNA. HPNA may also provide other communication other neighborhood e-mail lists, posters, flyers and signs.


Financial matters of HPNA, including the budget, shall operate on a calendar year basis. The Finance Committee shall present to the Steering Committee a budget for each year in November of the preceding year. The budget shall be voted on by the general membership at the general membership meeting of the preceding December.

Appropriate banking and investment accounts shall be maintained by HPNA.

All expenditures of HPNA must be approved by certain officers and chairpersons, as designated annually by the Finance Committee. All expenditures shall be limited to amounts to be set annually by the Finance Committee. The Treasurer shall sign checks on behalf of HPNA, but shall not have authority to approve out of budget expenditures.


A conflict of interest exists when a HPNA officeholder, representative, or committee member may realize any direct financial or material benefits from business before the HPNA. In such cases, the individual must recuse himself or herself as a voting member from any such business before the HPNA. This conflict of interest may be disclosed by the individual or by any other individual aware of the situation.


The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, current revised edition, shall govern in all HPNA proceedings, except where inconsistent with these Bylaws.


The bylaws may be amended, altered, or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any meeting of the membership, provided that the exact wording of the proposed change(s) has been published at least 60 days prior to such meeting on HPNA’s official announcement e-mail list, on the HPNA’s designated physical bulletin board and in at least one issue of The Pecan Press, which is published at least 30 days prior to the date of such meeting.


With adoption of these Bylaws, all previous Bylaws are hereby repealed.

Effective September 9, 2013