Changes in our part of town

The trial closure of Bruning is currently scheduled to begin June 5th.

It will be 6-8 months before the new controller at Airport/51st/Clarkson gets installed.

Per Ali Mozdbar at the City of Austin, The pre-Bruning temporary closure data includes traffic counts, travel time along E. 51st Street, and queue lengths on E. 51st Street at its intersection with Duval Street/Bruning Avenue and Clarkson Avenue. Traffic counts have been collected on Bruning Avenue, Duval Street, E. 51st Street, Clarkson Avenue, and E. 53rd Street. Traffic counts will be collected at the same locations during the temporary closure, to be consistent. Subsequent counts will occur some time this fall after Labor Day, 2011. Traffic counts will occur on a typical weekday while school is in session. Similarly, travel times along E. 51st Street between Guadalupe Street and Airport Boulevard and queue lengths will be observed and documented before and during the temporary closure of Bruning Avenue.

Travel time and congestion along 51st are the main factors that the city plans to look at for measuring success or failure.

Per Dipti Borkar-Desai at the city, sealcoat resurfacing was done to Airport Boulevard between 45th St. and Koenig Lane on May 14th and to Airport Blvd. from Koenig to Lamar on May 22nd. Lane markings are usually installed 10-20 days after resurfacing. So the restriping of Airport Blvd. should happen pretty soon.

The city is considering closing the pools at Shipe Park and AISD is accepting bids for Baker School.