Code Compliance Information

This information came from the program about Code Compliance put on by the city.


  1. PARKING: Street Parking complaints that deal with property ACCESS are reported to 3-1 -1. They will be transferred to APD Non-Emergency.
  2. PARKING: Junk Motor Vehicles or Vehicles Parked on Private Property should be reported to the VEHICLE ABATEMENT DEPARTMENT, which can be reached at: 512-974-8119.
  3. NOISE: Music – complaints about music, vehicles with loud music, etc, should be reported to 3-1 -1. They will be transferred to APD Non-Emergency.
  4. NOISE: Animals – barking dog complaints and roosters are now filed directly with Municipal Court. For additional information you may call: 512-974-4800.Code Compliance 3
  5. Garbage/Recycling Carts: Complaints about missed service should be called in to 3-1-1 AFTER 4pm, UNLESS the neighbors on YOUR side of the street have been collected. These calls are referred to Austin Resource Recovery (ARR).
  6. Garbage/Recycling Carts: Complaints about carts left out on the curb too long should be reported to 3-1-1. They will create a case for Austin Code.
  7. Overgrown Vegetation Obstructing a Sidewalk: These complaints should be reported to 3-1-1. A Service Request (SR) for Street and Bridge Right-of-Way (ROW) is then created.
  8. Overgrown Vegetation Obstructing a Bike Lane: These complaints should be reported to 3-1-1. If there is a HAZARD, APD will be notified and a ROW SR will be created.Code Compliance 4
  9. Overgrown Vegetation creating a BLIND CORNER: These complaints should be reported to 3-1 -1. A Blind Corner SR will be created.
  10. GRAFFITI: Most calls to report graffiti in the City of Austin are first reported to 3-1 -1. The call taker will then ask IF you want to report to APD. (APD likes to know where problems of graffiti are happening in case there are other issues going on too!) 3-1-1 creates the SR and it is transferred to Health and Human Services, Derrick McKnight, Program Manager, 512-854-4591. McKnight asks that when the HPNA Graffiti Abatement Committee goes out those 2-3 times a year to remove or cover graffiti, PLEASE keep track of the LOCATION, SQUARE FOOTAGE, RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, COA or PRIVATE PROPERTY. After completion, please call ALL addresses into 3-1-1 with this information. The Health and Human Services Department uses the 3-1-1 SR to track Graffiti Abatement. By using 3-1-1, this will also help eliminate duplicate calls for assistance. Feel free to contact Derrick McKnight if you have further questions.
  11. Building without a Permit (WWOP): There is no difference between new work and old work where WWOP is concerned. This category also includes permits that are in PENDING STATUS or those that have EXPIRED.Code Compliance 2
  12. PERMITS: Contact Number: 512-978-4000.
  13. CONTACT: To check for permits on line: Click on the DEVELOPMENT TAB. Click on PERMITS. Fill in the pertinent information to search permits for a particular address.