Contact Team Meeting Minutes: January 26, 2015

The quarterly meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church. Kevin Heyburn, co-president of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association opened the meeting on behalf of Pete Gilcrease, chair of the Contact Team. Mr. Heyburn was asked to chair the meeting through the first two items of business.

The first item on the agenda was a vote on whether or not to replace the current Contact Team chair. Statements in support of and in opposition to replacing the chair were presented. After deliberation, the Contact Team voted to replace the chair (24 voted to replace, 7 voted not to replace and 3 abstained).

Mr. Heyburn then entertained nominations from the floor for a new chair. After discussion and a vote, Jennifer Berbas and Adrian Skinner were elected to serve as co-chairs (29 voted in favor, 0 opposed, 5 abstained). Jennifer Berbas is a former Hyde Park resident and now owns rental properties in the neighborhood. She is a real-estate agent. Adrian Skinner lives in the neighborhood. He is currently serving as co-vice president of HPNA. He works at the Attorney General’s office and is a student at St. Edward’s University.

The evening’s agenda then continued with a discussion and resolution regarding the proposal to change the zoning of 4500 Speedway from Residential to Neighborhood Office. The following Resolution was requested and accepted (25 voted in favor of the resolution, 0 opposed the resolution, 4 abstained): The Hyde Park Contact Team does not support a change in the zoning of 4500 Speedway from Residential to Neighborhood Office. The main argument against the change in zoning was the reluctance of neighbors to lose residential properties along 45th Street. Following the vote, the Contact Team asked the co-chairs to follow up with the property owner to confirm his intentions for the property.

Next was a discussion related to neighborhood planning and the City of Austin Planning Department. Concern has been growing over the confusion caused by Hyde Park’s Planned Land Use Map (PLUM). Hyde Park, as well as Old West Austin, wrote its neighborhood plan early in the city’s process and, as required by the city, created PLUMs. The city now requires a Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and does not recognize the PLUMs. The Contact Team would like to change our PLUM to a FLUM as it makes the neighborhood plan amendment process easier. The Contact Team agreed to place the following resolution on the April meeting agenda: The Hyde Park Contact Team changes the name of its Planned Land Use Map to Future Land Use Map and agrees to whatever further steps are necessary to eliminate this confusion with The City of Austin Planning Department. This resolution may change, depending upon the outcome of conversations in the Planning Commission about this matter.

The Contact Team then agreed to establish a sub-committee to work on CodeNEXT and how it will impact our neighborhood plan. The sub-committee will work with HPNA and develop informative presentations for all neighborhood groups. The following Contact Team members agreed to serve on the sub-committee: David Connor, Barbara Gibson, Kevin Heyburn, Ellie Hanlon, Wanda Penn, Kathy Lawrence and Karen McGraw.

The last item on the agenda was a discussion of proposed changes to the Contact Team bylaws. The authors of the proposed amendments withdrew their proposals and agreed to pass them along to the Contact Team sub-committee on bylaws, which agreed to take them into consideration.

The co-chairs welcomed Kathy Tovo, Mayor Pro-Tem and the District 9 City Council Member, to the Contact Team meeting and expressed our appreciation and congratulations.

The Contact Team concluded its business with a brief discussion of two April agenda items. Lisa Harris announced that a representative of the city will attend the April meeting to discuss sidewalks. Reid Long, chair of the sub-committee on bylaws, will present proposals for amending the bylaws for discussion only.

The next quarterly meeting of the Hyde Park Contact Team will be on April 27, 7:00-8:30 p.m. An agenda will be posted to the Contact Team and HPNA listservs two weeks prior to the meeting.

All residents, renters/tenants, property owners and business owners in Hyde Park are encouraged to become members of the Contact Team and participate in discussions.

–Submitted by Mity Myhr

Contact Team Secretary