Contact Team Minutes from 2014 Q4

October 27, 2014

The agenda for the Hyde Park Neighborhood Contact Team’s regular quarterly meeting at Trinity United Methodist Church included a discussion of the possible redevelopment of the Austin State Hospital property (ASH) and sidewalks. New business included a proposed letter to the city expressing the Hyde Park Neighborhood Contact Team’s opposition to City Councilmen Riley and Martinez’s accessory dwelling unit (ADU) proposal.

A new subcommittee has been formed to prepare Hyde Park Contact Team’s response to any possible redevelopment of the ASH property. John Williams, Mike Pikulski and Adrian Skinner invited those in the neighborhood who are interested in this issue to join their committee. Although the most recent Texas General Land Office’s (GLO) report in 2014 does not recommend ASH for redevelopment, there is interest by lobbyists in the possibility and one of them has already met with neighbors. One possibility, and preferable for Hyde Park, is that the city purchase the land. Possible uses that have been mentioned include moving homeless services there where more innovative support services could be offered, excluding a shelter.

Another subcommittee concerning neighborhood sidewalks has been formed and is looking for members. This subcommittee will use the neighborhood plan and the updated priority projects developed by the Contact Team to communicate with the city. The city has set aside money for sidewalks. Those interested in working on this project should contact Pete Gilcrease.

The Contact Team voted to schedule a special meeting on Monday, November 17 at 7 p.m. to consider a proposed resolution communicating the Contact Team’s opposition to the City’s ADU proposal that could allow ADU development across the city regardless of neighborhood plans. The proposed resolution requests that any ADU decisions respect neighborhood plans. The Contact Team also voted to use HPNA’s resolution on this topic, which will be up for a vote on November 3, as a starting point for its discussion.

At the Contact Team’s next quarterly meeting on January 26, the City’s proposed land development code plans and the committee’s voting bylaws will be discussed.


November 17, 2014

The Hyde Park Contact Team met in special session to consider an ADU resolution. After Karen McGraw read the proposed resolution, there was much back and forth discussion.

The resolution that was voted on was as follows: “City Council resolutions concerning Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) should not override the neighborhood planning process or neighborhood plans. Therefore the Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team does not support a city-wide or blanket policy change pertaining to the construction of ADUs, such as the Martinez-Riley resolution passed by the City Council on June 12, 2014. We see our neighborhood plan, which grew out of a process of civic participation, as central to maintaining the character and the quality of life of our neighborhood.”

The resolution passed with 23 votes for and 9 against.
December 2, 2014

The Hyde Park Contact Team met in special session to consider the request for zoning changes to the Neighborhood Plan and North Hyde Park NCCD at 4500 Speedway. The Contact Team voted 19 to 4 to accept Resolution Two: “The Hyde Park Contact Team does not support the zoning change to enable restaurant use at 4500 Speedway and the changes to the Neighborhood Plan and North Hyde Park NCCD.”

To conclude the special meeting two requests were made from the floor for agenda items to be considered at the January 26 regular quarterly meeting. The first is to discuss CodeNEXT and its implications for Hyde Park’s Neighborhood Plan and NCCDs. And the second is to hold a special election to replace the chair of the Hyde Park Contact Team. The second request passed with a vote of 19 in favor and 5 abstentions.

–Submitted by Mity Myhr, CT Secretary (10/27 and 12/2 minutes) and Lianna Mills, CT Vice Chair (11/17 minutes)