From the Desk of the Co-Presidents – October 2014

September Meeting

Congratulations to Kathy Lawrence, co-vice president, for organizing another good meeting. It was wonderful seeing all the people who attended our Autumn pot luck and stayed for our second candidates’ forum.  We strongly support events like these, in which Hyde Parkers can gather to socialize and connect. We also appreciate the opportunity to hear from our third District 9 candidate, Erin McGann, and hear again from our other two candidates, Kathie Tovo and Chris Riley.


The Contact Team has put its proposal for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on hold pending the result of the city resolution. This simplifies the situation somewhat because it means that Hyde Parkers need only consider one proposal, the resolution passed by the City of Austin in a 4-3 vote.  The resolution was supported by Council Members Chris Riley, Mike Martinez, Bill Spellman, and Mayor Lee Leffingwell and opposed by Council Members Kathie Tovo, Sheryl Cole, and Laura Morrison. As many of you know, Councilmembers Riley and Tovo are two of the candidates seeking election to the newly created city council district that includes Hyde Park.  And Councilmembers Cole and Martinez are two of the candidates running for mayor.

By the time you read this, the meeting for public input will already have taken place. An ordinance that modifies current City Code may not yet be in front of City Council, but presumably it will be part of the agenda for the post-election City Council. It’s not yet clear whether or how that ordinance will affect Hyde Park, because it depends on the exact draft of the legislation, but it’s possible that it will have a major impact on our neighborhood. Hyde Parkers need to be aware of the possibility and be prepared to express their feelings on the subject to City Council.

Shipe Pool

From the brink of loss to a $3.1 million budget – now that’s progress! Our pool will be rebuilt, thanks to the efforts of all the people who worked to save it: Mark Fishman, Alison Young, Jack and Jill Nokes, and the Friends of Shipe Park. We owe these people our profound thanks. They illustrate what committed stakeholders can accomplish for the community with their work and energy

Fire Station Festival

We anticipate another wonderful event, thanks to the efforts of Deaton Bednar and her team, and we look forward to seeing all of you there!

–Kevin Heyburn and Lorre Weidlich

HPNA Co-Presidents