From the Desk of the Co-Presidents – November 2014

It’s that time of year again, when neighborhood activities follow each other in quick succession, winding up with our holiday party in December. Coming as they do in conjunction with election time and a general pickup in activity due to cooler weather, they foretell a busy period during autumn and early winter. Our Fire Station Festival is our annual turning inward, celebrating what we as a community have achieved over the 40 years of the revival of our neighborhood. Our Homes Tour is our annual turning outward, displaying our rich history and architecture to the public.

Fire Station Festival

This year’s festival was once again a wonderful occasion for both children and adults. Good food, good company, costumes, and a sense of celebration added up to a great event. As we always do, we recognized our fire fighters and we recognized the people who have contributed to our community. We want to thank Deaton Bednar and her dedicated team of volunteers for an occasion enjoyed by all.

Hyde Park Homes Tour

Everyone in Hyde Park has heard of Col. Monroe Shipe, Elisabet Ney, and Shadow Lawn, but how many Hyde Parkers have heard of W.T. Caswell, J.J. Hegman, and Patterson Heights? This year, we begin to mine the rich history and architecture of the area north of 45th Street in our first Homes Tour that focuses entirely on that area. Carolyn Grimes and her team have been working on this tour for many months; and we encourage everyone both to volunteer as a docent, ticket seller, or other participant and to take the tour and learn some of the lesser-known history of Hyde Park.

Congratulations to Dorothy Richter

Hyde Park has always been familiar with the achievements of Dorothy Richter, the “Mayor of Hyde Park,” and we’ve always appreciated them. Now the City of Austin joins us in that recognition: on October 22, Dorothy was inducted into the Austin Women’s Hall of Fame, an honor long overdue. We extend our congratulations to her and hope for her continuing success and contributions to the community.

— Kevin Heyburn & Lorre Weidlich

HPNA Co-Presidents