Development Review Agenda for Monday September 24th

Meeting is at Trinity United Methodist Church starting at 6:30 pm.

1. 4205 Avenue H – to build a new single family home. A standing garage apartment is located in back section of lot. Asking for variance due to lot size is less than 7000. ( 20 minutes)

2. 4915 Avenue G – homeowner seeking a variance at Board of Adjustment to maintain a garage that encroaches into the street side setback and the rear setback. (15 minutes)

3. 4001 Ave D – homeowner wants to build addition. Going to Historic Landmark Commission for Certificate for Appropriateness. ( 15 minutes)

4. 312 W. 39th St – homeowner wants guidance in building addition to house – discussion only. (15 minutes)

5. Jorge’s Restaurant – moving into the Kenneth’s Hair Salon Building on Guadalupe- asking for parking solution. ( 30 minutes)

6. Perry Mansion Redevelopment Proposal – Discussion only. (30 minutes)