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Planning on Remodeling or Building?

Contact the HPNA Development Review Committee

Because of Hyde Park’s historic significance to Austin, building and remodeling in our neighborhood are regulated by a unique set of laws and processes. Hyde Park, south of 45th Street, contains a National Register District, where all remodeling and building permits must be reviewed by the City of Austin Historic Landmark Commission. Neighborhood Conservation Combining Districts govern projects in all areas of Hyde Park.

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association’s Development Review Committee (DRC) is a standing committee of volunteer neighbors with expertise in these laws and procedures, who meet with and advise anyone seeking to remodel or build. The DRC also makes recommendations regarding any governmental action on demolition, remodeling, and building issues. Current committee members include an architect, builders, a real estate agent, a lawyer and, collectively, more than 100 years of experience in Hyde Park remodeling and building.

Hyde Park Neighborhood Association strongly encourages anyone considering a remodeling or building project to meet with the DRC as early as possible in the planning process.

Stan Kozinsky chairs the committee, which meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at Hyde Park United Methodist Church, 4001 Speedway. Please contact the DRC through committee member David Conner at 512-627-0813 or daypaycon@yahoo.com. Meetings are open to any interested neighbor.

Special Zoning and Buildling Guidelines for Hyde Park

The following information concerns development in Hyde Park. Most of the links below are to PDF format documents.

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan [PDF] (adopted April 13, 2000 by the Austin City Council) sets out policy for both private development and public infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, utilities, services etc.). This plan includes the entire neighborhood boundary from 38th to 51st and Guadalupe to Red River. It is an amendment to the City's adopted master plan - the Austin Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Design Guidelines describes buildings and patterns that are common to Hyde Park and that determine the historic character of the area. The guidelines, while not binding, provide excellent guidance in renovating existing buildings as well as constructing new buildings anywhere in Hyde Park. It also addresses accessory buildings, fences and parking. A picture is worth a thousand words and this guide includes many photos and drawings!

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Conservation Combining District (NCCD) [PDF] Ordinance No. 020131-20 (adopted by the City Council and effective January 31,2002) revises the zoning in the area south of 45th Street. Garages are no longer allowed on the front of buildings, height limits are generally 30' (not 35') and most of the houses are now zoned SF3 (many were changed from MF3 or MF4). There are many other changes in this 32 page ordinance. If you are thinking of building or know someone who is, get this document!

The North Hyde Park Neighborhood Conservation Combining District (North Hyde Park NCCD) [PDF] was adopted by the City Council on August 18, 2005. This zoning applies to the part of Hyde Park that is north of 45th Street.

The Hyde Park Historic District is listed in the National Register. The Historic Landmarks Commission reviews any proposed changes. Call Steve Sadowsky at 974-6454 for city info and application. (Call me for a neighborhood handout.) For info on Tax Credits for Certified Rehab of income-producing property call Texas Historical Commission at 463-6094.

Physical copies and information can be obtained from the city of Austin:

Karen McGraw
Chairman, Hyde Park Planning Team
459-2261 mcgrawka@earthlink.net

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