Monthly HPNA Meetings

HPNA General and Steering Committee meetings take place every month. For more information, see this page.

Hyde Park Homes Tour

Father's Day WeekendHyde Park Neighborhood Association holds an annual Historic Homes Tour. People come from across the state and the country to see our beautiful historic homes, but what they really see is a neighborhood that, like a phoenix, has risen from the ashes. As people come and see beautiful homes, it is hard for them to imagine today what this neighborhood was like 30 years ago.

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Fire Station Festival

The fire station festival is held in each fall to celebrate the continued operation of our local fire station, and to thank the firefighters of our beloved Engine 9.  The date for this year’s festival will be announced in September on this site and in the Pecan Press.

In 1971/72 neighbors rallied over the issue of Fire Station # 9. In a round of cost-cutting fervor the city manager had determined to close the local fire station. Residents found this measure counter-intuitive and draconian so they banded together to resist. The outcome was that more the a quarter century later, the 1930’s brick and tile building was still standing. Today, the fire truck is never more than a minute or two away from any house in the neighborhood.