Fire Station Festival this Sunday, October 20th.

The 39th Fire Station Festival is October 20th, Sunday, 4-6 at Fire Station #9, 43rd and Speedway.  At this festival, we honor neighbors for their community service; and newly-elected HPNA leaders officially begin their terms of office.  The fire fighters welcome us to their station, and children climb on the big red shiny fire truck.   The festival provides an opportunity to express gratitude for Hyde Park, for its history and for what it has become.



This year the focus is on more engagement with the fire fighters and activities for teens and adults. The Fire Department is sending an additional four fighters to interact with us for a total of eight.  Tire Pull Competition. Children on the fire truck. A fire fighter in the children’s area to be in photographs with the little ones. A fire fighter and fire fighting gear at the photo booth so you can have your photo in fire fighting gear.