Great Kindness Challenge at Trinity UMC

Our neighbors at Trinity United Methodist Church invite us to participate in The Great Kindness Challenge on Saturday August 13th. This is a project of an organization called Kids for Peace. The event is one day dedicated to performing as many acts of kindness as possible, utilizing a checklist provided by Kids for Peace which has around 50 simple things folks can do to spread the message “Kindness Matters.”

The schedule of events for the day includes making treats and taking them to the fire station on Speedway; making sack lunches to distribute to homeless people on Sunday morning (under the I35 bridge at 7th St.); learning to say “thank you” in multiple languages, then thanking a bus driver, a police officer, hopefully an elected official, and a lifeguard; walking the neighborhood to pick up trash and leave sidewalk chalk hearts and messages of peace and kindness; and holding a “flash mob” happy dance at Shipe Park.