Historic Landmarks

People come from all over to see Hyde Park’s beautiful historic homes, but what they really see is a neighborhood that had declined for several decades and was gradually preserved.

Through the hard work and dedication of its residents, many area homes have been restored to reflect their original charm and unique architectural styles. Hyde Park includes an eclectic mixture of architectural styles, with everything from late 19th-century Queen Anne and Classical Revival homes to 20th-century bungalow and ranch houses. Many of the houses in Hyde Park have been designated City of Austin Historic Landmarks. The annual Hyde Park Neighborhood Association Historic Hyde Park Homes Tour showcases Hyde Park houses, often including historic landmarks.

In addition to the Elisabet Ney Museum and the Fire Station, forty-two structures – forty-one houses and one commercial building – have been designated City of Austin Historic Landmarks. Many of these properties have also been designed as National Register Historic Properties and Texas Historic Landmarks.

City of Austin Historic Landmarks in Hyde Park


Sears – King House

209 West 39th Street
(National Register Historic Property)

Curl-Crockett final Curl – Crockett House

213 West 41st Street

Schenken – Oatman House

311 West 41st Street

 Schenken-Oatman final
 Kocurek final Kocurek Building

511 West 41st Street

John M. Patterson House

604 East 47th Street

 Patterson final
Worley House

802 East 47th Street

Elvira T. Davis House

4112 Avenue B
(Texas Historic Landmark)

 Oliphant - final Oliphant House

3900 Avenue C
(National Register Historic Property)

Smith – Marcuse – Lowry House

3913 Avenue C
(National Register Historic Property)

 Smith-Marcuse-Lowry final
 Lowry final Mary Lowry House

4001 Avenue C

Hume – Rowe House

4002 Avenue C

 Hume-Rowe final
 McMillen-Falk final McMillen – Falk House

4213 Avenue D

Clark – Emmert House

4300 Avenue D

 Clark-Emmert final
Woodburn House

4401 Avenue D

Robert T. Badger House

4006 Speedway

 Bailey-Newgren final Bailey – Newgren House

4108 Speedway

Bailey – Houston House

4110 Speedway

 Bailey-Houston - final
Walter Badger House

4112 Speedway

William T. and Valerie Mansbendel Williams House

3820 Avenue F

 Mansbendel-Williams final Mansbendel – Williams House

3824 Avenue F
(National Register Historic Property)

Sauter – Alley House

4012 Avenue F

 Sauter-Alley final
 Holland-Klipple final Holland – Klipple House

4100 Avenue F

Weisiger – White House

4104 Avenue F

 Bell final Bell House

4200 Avenue F

Kopperl House

4212 Avenue F
(Texas Historic Landmark)

 Hodnette-McKesson FINAL Hodnette – Roberts House (also known as Hodnett – McKesson House)

4300 Avenue F
(Texas Historic Landmark)

Wells – LaRue House

4524 Avenue F
(Texas Historic Landmark)

 Shipe final Shipe House

3816 Avenue G
(Texas Historic Landmark, National Register Historic Property)

Flanagan – Heierman House

3909 Avenue G
(National Register Historic Property)

 Flanagan-Hierman final
 Covert final Covert House

3912 Avenue G
(National Register Historic Property)

Page – Gilbert House House

3913 Avenue G
(National Register Historic Property)

 Page-Gilbert final
 Crutchfield final (1) Crutchfield House

4001 Avenue G

Philquist – Wood House

4007 Avenue G
(Texas Historic Landmark)

 Philquist-Wood final
Adams final Adams House

4300 Avenue G

Bengston House

3803 Avenue H

 Ramsdell-Wolff final Ramsdell – Wolff House

4002 Avenue H

Zimmerli – Rosenquist House

4014 Avenue H

Williams – Weigl House

4107 Avenue H
(Texas Historic Landmark)

Edgar von Boeckmann House

4401 Avenue H

 von Boekman-final
 Evans-Otting final Evans – Otting House (also known as Proctor – Evans – Otting House)

4200 Duval Street

Morrison – Smith House

4615 Caswell

 Morrison-Smith final