HPNA Meeting Minutes – December 2014

HPNA Meeting Minutes: December 1, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:11 p.m. by Kevin Heyburn, co-president. In opening remarks, Kevin introduced the various officers, welcomed everyone and particularly encouraged those who were not regular attendees to attend future meetings.

The agenda was announced. The two specific resolutions that needed to be acted upon were (1) a re-vote on the resolution regarding ADUs (the new vote was necessary because in the previous month the agenda had not been posted to the bulletin board at Fresh Plus, a technical violation of the bylaws) and (2) a vote on resolutions regarding the proposed restaurant (and associated zoning changes) at 4500 Speedway. In addition, all were invited to the HPNA Holidays Party, to take place on December 14 at the Ney Museum. At a later point, it was announced that early voting had begun and that the dates for the Contact Team and the Steering Committee meetings were Dec. 2 and Dec. 8 respectively.

ADU Resolution

The proposed resolution was as follows: “City Council resolutions concerning Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) should not override the neighborhood planning process or neighborhood plans. Therefore the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association does not support a city-wide or blanket policy change pertaining to the construction of ADUs, such as resolution #20140612-062 passed by the City Council on June 12, 2014. We see our neighborhood plan, which grew out of a process of civic participation, as central to maintaining the character and the quality of life of our neighborhood.”

It was mentioned in advance that the resolution was open to amendment but not substitution. Despite that, a substitute motion in support of the city ADU resolution was proposed and considered. There was a vote taken, with 59 opposing and 12 favoring the substitute resolution.

As the meeting then returned to the business of the original resolution, there was a proposal to amend, retaining only the first sentence since city staff had yet to come back with details. This amendment was rejected by a vote of more than 40 to 6.

Then the resolution as originally offered was brought to a vote, with 59 favoring and 17 opposing.

4500 Speedway Resolutions

The two resolutions under consideration were (1) “The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association does not support the zoning change and the changes to the neighborhood plan” and (2) “The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association supports the restaurant with minimal zoning changes.”

A proposed amendment to add the words “and NCCD” to the end of the resolution (1) was accepted.

After much back and forth about the relative advantages and disadvantages of accepting resolution (1), a vote took place. The amended resolution read as follows: “The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association does not support the zoning change and the changes to the neighborhood plan and NCCD. This resolution passed, with 47 favoring and 28 opposing.

Mayoral Forum        

Mr. Adler went first on the basis of a coin toss. His opening statement included the information that he had lived in Austin since 1978, some of that time in Hyde Park. He noted the spirit of Austin and that he was running for mayor to preserve what he felt made it special. He noted in particular two issues: property values that have been growing well ahead of incomes and transportation challenges. Zoning and inequality in general were also noted as being important.

Mr. Martinez remarked that this was a particularly important election due to the move to single member districts and that institutional knowledge would be specifically important during this transition. He also mentioned that he would not revisit closing Firehouse No. 9 or ADUs; local input was important. Issues should go in the direction wanted by “regular people.”

A lively question and answer period followed.

The meeting was then adjourned around 9 p.m.

–Submitted by Artie Gold and Reid Long, HPNA Co-Secretaries