HPNA Meeting Minutes: February 2, 2015

The February meeting of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association was called to order by Lorre Weidlich, co-president, at 7:07 p.m. Lorre announced that the agenda had changed due to cancellations. The DownHome Diner was not able to attend, and a representative of the Friends of Hyde Park was not present to give an update on the organization’s activities.

The City of Austin’s Sustainability Department offered a presentation on the history of sustainability activities in the city and the development of the city’s Climate Protection Plan.   Four Technical Area Groups have been charged and are proposing 1-3 items for future action towards meeting the city’s sustainability goals. The items will be presented to the Council for action, probably in March.

The next item for consideration was a report from the Nominations Committee. This committee selected Mark Fishman to serve as co-treasurer with I. Jay Aarons. Mark Fishman was then unanimously elected.

Lorre opened the meeting for discussion of the general state of 45th Street. After some discussion, a resolution was proposed by Karen McGraw stating “HPNA supports existing zoning along 45th Street and does not support changes to any residential zoning for commercial use.” The resolution was seconded and after discussion the resolution was passed 21 in favor, 2 against, and 3 abstentions. Additional discussion of other considerations in regard to 45th Street included reducing lanes, reducing the speed limit, and ways to resist commercial development along the street. No additional resolutions were proposed.

Finally, Adrian Skinner and Mity Myhr gave a report on the January quarterly meeting of the Contact Team. At that meeting, the previous chair was removed and Adrian Skinner and Jennifer Berbas were elected co-chairs, a discussion of CodeNEXT was started and a joint committee with HPNA was created to review CodeNEXT and its implications for the neighborhood plan and the NCCD. Additionally, the Contact Team will take action on the transition from the PLUM presented in the neighborhood plan to a FLUM, in order to align with current city practices. Finally, a city representative will present on sidewalks and the bylaws committee will make a presentation on potential bylaw changes at the April Quarterly meeting.

The meeting was adjourned around 8:30 p.m.

–Submitted by Artie Gold & Reid Long

HPNA Co-Secretaries