HPNA Meeting Minutes – November 3, 2014

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association meeting was called to order by Lorre Weidlich, co-president, at 7:09 p.m. The first item on the agenda was a presentation regarding a proposed restaurant at 4500 Speedway. The owner and his representatives provided a description of the proposed modifications to the property and the requested zoning changes. The owner noted that the goal was to convert the property into a restaurant that supported the local neighborhood character and enhanced the community. The proposed tenant would be the Chaat Shop, which is currently operating as a food truck. The potential tenant would likely utilize the space as a commercial kitchen for major events, as well as serve food for taking out or dining in.

The changes being requested for the property would be to change the zoning to NO-NCCD-NP (Neighborhood Office). This use would be amended to allow several food preparation uses. Furthermore, the use would carry several other restrictions including:

  • Maximum indoor floor area of 2,500 square feet
  • Hours of operation limited to 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Maximum outdoor seating area of 500 square feet
  • No seating within 50 feet of the property line of any single family property
  • No amplified sound or outdoor entertainment
  • No drive through
  • Maximum impervious cover area of 2,200 square feet
  • No parking restrictions
  • Alcoholic beverages limited to beer and wine.


The proposed changes would affect all properties with an NO zoning in the North Hyde Park NCCD. The current proposed site at 4500 Speedway would include 9 parking spaces. At this point, the discussion was opened to comments, questions and motions from the floor.

A motion was made and seconded for a vote at the next HPNA meeting to oppose the zoning change. The language of the motion was as follows: “The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association does not support the zoning change and the changes to the neighborhood plan.” A second motion was proposed and seconded: The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association supports the restaurant with minimal zoning changes.” Both of these resolutions will be voted on at the next Hyde Park Neighborhood Association meeting. It was agreed that the owner of the property and his representatives would be provided an opportunity to present at the next meeting and another meeting could be held in the interim to continue to garner feedback.

The second item on the agenda was consideration of a Steering Committee resolution requesting that the City not establish a blanket policy on accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The text of the resolution was published in the Pecan Press and requests that any policy respect the wishes of the established neighborhood plan. An amendment was proposed to strike the names of Martinez-Riley from the resolution and replace with the resolution number. The amended language read as follows: “Therefore the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association does not support a city-wide or blanket policy change pertaining to the construction of ADUs, such as resolution #20140612-062 passed by the City Council on June 12, 2014.”  The motion was seconded and passed 35 for and none opposed. The question was called and the motion to move the previous question was adopted 38 for and none against. The resolution was adopted 40 for and 6 against.   [Note: Because of a mistake in procedure (that is, the resolution was not posted at FreshPlus), it will be voted on again at the December meeting.]

The next item of business was the consideration of a motion from the Steering Committee to send a letter of appreciation to the City of Austin for approving funding for the repair and restoration of Shipe pool. The text of the proposed letter was read. In the absence of discussion, the question was called and adopted by a vote of 41 for and none against. The text of the letter was then adopted by acclimation.

Announcements were the final order of business. David Conner announced that the Finance Committee would be meeting soon and so budgets should be submitted to him. Carolyn Grimes reminded attendees of the Hyde Park Homes Tour on November 9. Tickets are $20 and the tour starts at the Griffin School. There are six houses on the tour all north of 45th Street. Volunteers, especially to serve as docents, are still needed. Diego from Compost Pedallers left some brochures and flyers for those interested. Lastly, Lorre announced that the Steering Committee will meet on November 10 at the Trinity United Methodist Church.

–Submitted by Artie Gold & Reid Long

HPNA Co-Secretaries