HPNA Resolution Regarding The City Of Austin And The Adam’s House B&B

The following is the text of the letter sent to the City of Austin from the HPNA:

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association resolves to send the following letter to City Council, the Board of Adjustment, the Planning Commission, the Historic Landmark Commission, the City Manager, the Historic Preservation Office, and the Planning and Zoning Department:

The membership of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association wishes to address several issues related to the improper permitting of an addition to 4300 Avenue G, Austin, Texas 78751.

The membership of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association is concerned and disappointed about the way the City of Austin mishandled the permitting of the 4300 Avenue G addition. The inability of the City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department to apply the standards clearly stated in City Code led to loss of time and money, confusion, and disagreement.

The HPNA supported the owners of 4300 Avenue G in their attempt to request redress from the City of Austin. However, the HPNA resents being put in the position of having to choose between our neighbors and our protections. Our support for corrective action is limited to this particular circumstance and should not be used by the City of Austin as a reason to grant future variances.

As a result of numerous permitting errors observed over a period of years, we insist city zoning be applied correctly under any and all circumstances. Further, we expect the city to invest in additional resources and staff training and to renew its attention to detail in order to avoid such errors in the future. Hyde Park already provides an advisory body, a Development Review Committee, to assist with the development process. However, the final responsibility for correct permitting and code enforcement lies with the City of Austin, and we rely on the City to do it correctly.

It is our fervent hope that in the future the City will apply the Code as written, so that the protections it provides for our neighborhood – our NCCDs, our Local Historic District, and the McMansion ordinance – will never again be put into jeopardy, and property owners will not be subjected to stress and expense.