Hyde Park Contact Team ADU Survey

On behalf of the Hyde Park Contact Team ADU committee, and in preparation for the July Contact Team meeting, I’d like to share the results of the recent ADU survey with you.

The ADU Survey Results contains a summary of each question along with a breakdown of the number of responses received, percentages for each answer, and a chart to help visualize the results.

A total of 148 people participated in the survey and, generally, opinion was evenly split between support and opposition with roughly 20% of survey respondents undecided.

A few notes to be aware of as you review the survey results:

– GENERAL: Since responses to questions were not required, there is variation in the totals from question to question

– Q1: qualification to take the survey, answering “No” prevented participation. (Unfortunately, our survey layout permitted two participants who skipped this question to complete the rest of the survey.)

– Q3: only presented to survey respondents who answered “No, but I would like to build an Accessory Dwelling” to Q2

– Q5: contained a weighted scale for answers. Scale: Will Be Worse = -2, Might Be Worse = -1, No Change = 0, Might Be Better = +1, Will Be Better = +2

– Q7: address information is being withheld to protect participant privacy

Questions about the survey and general discussion about the results are welcome and discussion will also be included during the July Contact Team meeting.