Vote No on Restaurant Proposal – Letters Dept.

In regard to Case C14-2014-0111 (4500 Speedway), the owner of this property has asked HPNA to support his application to rezone this property to neighborhood office and to amend the North Hyde Park Neighborhood Conservation Combining District (NCCD) to allow food preparation, food sales, general retail sales, general retail sales (convenience), personal improvement services and personal services on neighborhood office-zoned land within the Residential District of the North Hyde Park NCCD. His application to amend the NCCD further asks that a restaurant use be a conditional use on neighborhood office-zoned tracts and that restaurants may operate from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and shall not be required to be provide parking.

City staff has made sound recommendations on this: to grant neighborhood office zoning (which would allow continued residential use) and to deny the request to amend the NCCD. In addition, transportation review recommends that if this is to be rezoned to neighborhood office, 30 feet of right-of-way from the centerline of Speedway be dedicated to the city.

Staff finds that neighborhood office zoning on the property is consistent with land use patterns in the area, as the tract is adjacent to multifamily-zoned property. Staff does not recommend the requested amendment to the North Hyde Park NCCD: “The proposed NCCD amendment is incongruous with the intent and uses set out for this district in the North Hyde Park NCCD. In addition, the NCCD amendment does not meet the goals and objectives of the Speedway District in the Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan.” “The staff also has concerns that the applicant is requesting to amend the NCCD to state that Restaurant uses within the Residential District shall not be required to provide parking for patrons on-site. Therefore the anticipated traffic from the proposed restaurant use at this location will be obligated to park within the right-of-way along Speedway and adjacent streets.” (These quotes are from the Zoning Change Review Sheet).

4500 Speedway is not adjacent to or particularly close to any existing commercial use. A restaurant use at this location would be very intrusive and, in my opinion, if allowed is likely to lead to requests to rezone other residential lots on 45th Street to intense commercial uses. As was pointed out in the discussion at the November HPNA meeting, the only driveway for 4500 Speedway is on 45th Street and having large delivery trucks back into or out of a 45th Street driveway will be disruptive to 45th Street traffic. In parts of our neighborhood (including the 4500 block of Speedway) there is already a high volume of street parking in use, so adding businesses that are open for most hours of the day and will draw vehicles without also requiring that those businesses provide parking will hasten the day that some or all of our neighborhood will need to apply for resident permit parking. Resident permit parking, while it does have advantages, also has disadvantages, such as the requirement that residents who wish to host an event (birthday party, holiday party, etc.) apply to the city for day passes for guests at least two weeks before the event and justify the number of passes requested.

I ask that HPNA members vote to oppose the requested amendment of the NCCD.

–Lisa Harris

Avenue F