New Turning

In the middle of a waking night;

The cold blew in. Literally blew in

To replace the sticking heat;

Now, it is cold and harbingering winter,

Cooler, cold and colder air;

Becoming winter, gray, brown, lifeless, cold,

But, not the change into winter,

Put your clothes on! Put on your best,

Your coats, your scarves, put on

All the rest! If we are to die,

If we are going to die, let us do it

In style, with panache, with color!

Come out and frolic in the cold.

The autumn is a dance, a lark,

A parting glance

The heat of summer turned

To colors in the leaves,

Turning orange, turning red,

Turning on its branch from

Green and live to dead,

But not without a fine salute,

A tribute to the now pale,

Once hearty and hale,

Green of summer