HPNA Monthly Meeting – February 2014

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, February 3rd, 7 pm.

The meeting will be held at The Griffin School located at 5001 Evans, 1 block east of 50th and Duval.

The agenda is as follows:

Announcements: Please feel free to bring information or announcements to share with neighbors.

Presentation by David Butts, Political Consultant about how 10-1 Redistricting will affect Austin and our neighborhood.

Update about communications and survey on social media for the neighborhood.

This meeting is open to all.

If you would like to join HPNA, please come to the meeting or visit the website at www.austinhydepark.org.

Walking in the City

I walked

through sorrow today God

old broken tenements

where you wouldn’t

want to live

stuffed with too many

of your children


that made them

less than

they ought to be


walking in the city

is a sorrow

I walked

through affluence today God

overbuilt homes

with hollow rooms

where you wouldn’t want to live

and few others can

I walked

through rushing today God

where people were buying

and selling

each other

I thought

you wouldn’t want

to live there

where people are

customers or clerks

to be yelled at

walking in the city

is a rushing


I walked

through joy today God

a gentle mix

of houses and people

young and old

and you probably live there too

walking in the city

is a joy

–Merle Franke


Pecan Press January 2014

Pecan Press January 2014

  • January 2014 meeting is January 6, 7pm at Trinity United Methodist Church
  • Change Is Coming: The New City Council Districts
  • Infill And Super Duplexes: A New Proposal
  • From The Desk Of The Co-Presidents
  • Around And About The Avenues
  • A Night At The Museum
  • A Drink To Your Health
  • Hyde Park Poets
  • Submissions to the Pecan Press: Please note that the deadline for articles to The Pecan Press has been moved to the 10th of each month, unless special arrangements have been made in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

A Night At The Museum

On December 15, Hyde Park held its annual party to celebrate the holidays; and this year the venue, the Elisabet Ney Museum, made it a particularly memorable occasion as residents mingled, as it were, with the sculpted figures. Old neighbors, old friends, new neighbors, new friends, infused this historic museum with a spirit of warmth and good cheer. “Magical” was a word that frequently came to the mind of attendees.

An amazing setting for conversations among neighbors. Photo by Lizzie Chen

An amazing setting for conversations among neighbors.
Photo by Lizzie Chen

Many thanks are due the museum for its generosity and graciousness in opening its doors to our community for this event, specifically Oliver Franklin, the museum’s director, and his team, Lindsay Barras and Frank Wick. These individuals brought a contagious enthusiasm to the planning of the party every step of the way. We are very fortunate to have the museum be an active part of our Hyde Park community.

State Rep. Elliot Naishtat (left) with Dorothy Richter and Kevin Heyburm. Photo by Adam Wilson

State Rep. Elliot Naishtat (left) with Dorothy Richter and Kevin Heyburm. Photo by Adam Wilson

Outside the museum, guests were welcomed by luminaries, twinkling lights, cookies from Cookie Peace, hot cocoa from the Chocolate Maker’s Studio, a star-gazing telescope, and a family holiday movie. The HPNA table was in full swing as its membership team signed up and renewed members.

Inside, guests were greeted by the nine-foot “Wish Tree,” where they were invited to create a wish on a provided white tag and place it on the tree. Some wishes were neatly hand printed: “I wish that every child could know love.” Others, adorned with feathers and sparkly ribbons, read: “I wish for $1,000,000 and 10 puppies.” Our neighbor Nancy Mims conceived the idea of this tree and brought it to life. Our hope is to make it an annual tradition, building on our community’s uniquely diverse set of wishes, year after year.

The view from above. Photo by Adam Wilson

The view from above. Photo by Adam Wilson

Violinist Laura Poyzer filled the galleries of the Ney with music as guests enjoyed food and drink amidst the timeless sculpture. The museum’s staff readily provided information about the history of the museum and Elisabet Ney’s life and work. During the evening, more than $750 in gifts and donations was collected for our friends and neighbors at Helping Hand Home, a nonprofit organization which strives to make life better for the children in their care.

Tree adorned with the wishes of neighbors. Photo by Adam Wilson

Tree adorned with the wishes of neighbors.
Photo by Adam Wilson

This event was successful because of our team of volunteers. Thanks are owed to all those who assisted with set up, greeting, and clean up. Also, a very special thanks to the members of the committee who worked with me to plan this event: Nancy Mims, Susie Roselle, Nhaila Hendrickse, and Amy Diehl. They juggled their busy household schedules and professional lives to make the party possible for everyone.

I believe the evening played out exactly as Elisabet Ney would have wanted it to: friends, old and new, gathering on the grounds of her studio and within its great stone walls to exchange stories and wish each other well.

— Tammy Young

Hyde Park Homes Tour 2013

A confederate soldier.  A farmer.  A suffragette.  A Driskill Hotel chef.  A stenographer.  Carpenters.   A telephone operator.   WWII soldiers. UT professors. Two photographers.  A “mercantile” president.  A musician.  A locomotive engineer.

These are only a few of the many people who lived in six featured homes of the 37th Historic Hyde Park Homes Tour on Sunday, November 10.  These wonderful homes not only chronicle different periods of architectural styles, their histories show the varied lives of Hyde Park neighbors over the past 119 years. They tell the stories of Austin.

During that time, one of the homes was saved from demolition, while another was almost entirely rebuilt.  All of the tour homes have been beautifully updated to accommodate modern tastes and conveniences, yet they maintain much of their architectural detail and charm of the past.  One home is a city landmark, and another just received a 5 star green energy rating from Austin Energy. Two homes have newly designed gardens, while another has chickens.

The tour is the annual fundraising event for the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association.  It is managed and operated by scores of neighbors who love the unique history, architecture, and “characters” of our neighborhood.

We know that you will enjoy learning about these homes – inside and out, and we look forward to seeing you walking or biking through our neighborhood this Sunday at the Historic Hyde Park Homes Tour.

Basics:  Hyde Park Homes Tour, Sunday, November 10, 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Tickets:  $20 online or on the day of the tour at Trinity United Methodist Church, 4001 Speedway.

For more information: See HydeParkHomesTour.org  and follow/share the tour at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hyde-Park-Historic-Homes-Tour-Austin-Texas/83848158724

Fire Station Festival this Sunday, October 20th.

The 39th Fire Station Festival is October 20th, Sunday, 4-6 at Fire Station #9, 43rd and Speedway.  At this festival, we honor neighbors for their community service; and newly-elected HPNA leaders officially begin their terms of office.  The fire fighters welcome us to their station, and children climb on the big red shiny fire truck.   The festival provides an opportunity to express gratitude for Hyde Park, for its history and for what it has become.



This year the focus is on more engagement with the fire fighters and activities for teens and adults. The Fire Department is sending an additional four fighters to interact with us for a total of eight.  Tire Pull Competition. Children on the fire truck. A fire fighter in the children’s area to be in photographs with the little ones. A fire fighter and fire fighting gear at the photo booth so you can have your photo in fire fighting gear.

39th Annual Fire Station Festival

Planning for the Fire Station Festival is in progress and I have to tell you…this will be the best Fire Station Festival ever! The 2013 poster is created and ready for distribution. You are getting an early peek. Our thanks to Matt Ott and Linda van Bavel for their partnership in creative design.

poster for 2013 Fire Station Festival

poster for 2013 Fire Station Festival