Poetry Webinair

They read poetry on the Plaza

on very certain days

during the semester’s seasons

from September until May.


The readers’ words float upwards

from mouth into the sky

trying to catch an intense thought

or a curious slice of life.


For poetry is the distillation

of the moment when everything turns,

spiraling out to latch onto,

and then encase an idea’s germ.


But my little dawn of realization

on this day when the wind is fair:

is the Black Widows’ annual great migration,

on the spider webs in the air.


Their silvr’y strands glint in the sun

as they sail by overhead,

ensnaring the words and thoughts

of poets long thought dead.


Does she follow a twangy vibration,

moving stealthily in for the kill?

Only to find her incisive venom

no match for the writer’s quill?


Then flying away with purloined phrases

no wonder it’s so hard to hear,

I only catch snatches of faraway places

so I’m off to imbibe a beer.


– At UT HRC Plaza, Spring 2013 – E.S.Cuny