Presidents’ Letter – July 2015

Flooding and Its Implications

Our profound sympathies go out to all our Hyde Park residents who were adversely affected by the Memorial Day flood. The news footage of displaced apartment dwellers on 45th Street displaced by flood waters was sobering, to say the least. Hyde Parker Tim Hampton, in the 4400 block of Duval, reported that he provided temporary shelter for half a dozen people and their pets. Some were in such a hurry to get out they didn’t even have time to put on shoes.

We are glad that the neighborhood has serious discussions about new development in Hyde Park. The recent meetings HPNA had about a proposed restaurant on 45th and Speedway come to mind.  If commercial businesses opened up on 45th Street, they would inevitably create consequences for the neighborhood as a whole, especially if those businesses increased impervious cover in Hyde Park.  Flooding should make all of us consider carefully how our social environment effects our natural environment.

We appreciate the efforts of our Co-Vice Presidents, Adrian Skinner and Kathy Lawrence, to put together a program that enables all of us to explore the issues raised by the recent flooding.


Our thanks go to Ken Webster at the Hyde Park Theatre for providing our June meeting place and talking to us about the theatre. We think it inspired a few meeting attendees to attend the latest production there.

We were saddened that the Six Annual Shipe Pool Party was cancelled due to inclement weather, after all the organizational effort by the Friends of Shipe Park. We hope that some of its activities can be rescheduled for future summer events in Hyde Park.