Right Behind – Poem

I’ve been a lefty for two weeks, now,

What a difference two weeks can make,

I eat very slowly, now,

I feel like my 16-month old grandson,

He is learning to eat—he does not have 100% efficiency, yet

1st pass

He knows that “thing” carries oatmeal to his mouth

2nd pass

The food is on that thing

3rd pass

Got it! Whoops—didn’t make it to the mouth

4th pass

Thing is just thing with a fleck of oatmeal

5th pass

Screw it – I’ll just go direct (at which point, he sticks his face into the bowl)


To those of us, watching, me, this is hilarious,

Wait—not so hilarious as practical,

I eat with my left hand (can’t raise the right—surgery on the shoulder)

New understanding—I can identify with my grandbaby,


Another interesting bit…

I do the Sudoku and the Scrabblegram, in the newspaper,

Every morning, to kick start my brain,


I’m terrible at Sudoku, but, now

As a lefty, I am kickass


Must be the right brain opening up,

There are worse things than having to use the non-dominant arm,

I mean, what if I didn’t have one?