Taking Leave – Poem

Morning light—clear as

That light inside you somewhere—

A trading post in some small

Town in northern New Mexico—

I don’t remember the name—it

Doesn’t matter—wandering among

The gewgaws for tourists and

The necessities for natives,

Looking for something to take

Back with me, something to

Remind me of all this when I’m

Back home, feeling my chest

Tighten thinking of leaving

This state that has such

Enchantment (yes, enchantment)

For me, going back to work.

Longing. We’re talking about

Longing, longing for the

very space that surrounds you.

Something quixotic, something

Very sad here. This was one

Of my early trips. Later, I

Learned wisdom, learned to

Walk away from it, taking

Nothing with me. That’s the

Good way, that’s the clean way.


–Albert Huckstickler at Dolce Vita, June 6, 2000