Waiting & Smelling, Rowdy Ladies Telling – Poem

Much of life is spent waiting,

Waiting in lines,

Waiting in doctor’s offices,

Waiting for Santa Claus,

Waiting for someone, a relative,

A loved one, to arrive

Waiting to be picked up,

Riding in a car,

Waiting to get somewhere,

If you don’t like waiting,

You are, basically, S-O-L

If waiting is hell for you,


Women learn to wait

On babies to be born

Speaking of which,

This is the reason I am writing,

Our assignment was to

Bring an aroma, an odor

That carries a memory,

Smells are the most evocative

Of all the senses and,

Even though the cells

Responsible for smells,

Are rapid adapting,

That is to say, one becomes

Accustomed to a smell

Very quickly, and yet,

As fast as the assault is felt

And as fast as it is forgotten,

Whatever is happening

When it is first smelled,

Burns into the memory so that

Should even a tiny whiff

Of that aroma, odor, or scent

Make its way to near the brain,

It carries with it the entire memory,


Which brings me, at last,

(I made you wait)

To the aroma/memory

I chose to share, tonight,

This is a scent, incomparable

By any other, an aroma

Known by every mother,

Known by any aunt,

Known by any person

Who has ever had the

Privilege of holding

A newborn baby,

Light as a feather,

Pure as crystal,

Soft as a cloud,

Infants come from

The other side and

Bring the scent

Of Heaven.