You Can’t Swing a Dead Cat

(response to R. Haas)


These are the dog days

Don’t cats lie around, prostrate from the heat?

We do not have cat days

Cat houses, cats eyes, catsup

No cat days


Mist rising from soaked lawns

Well, cats would not lie around on a soaked lawn

Especially if the mist would rise

Blurring sight in a cats eyes


Whatever it is would spur a change

In literature that spans a range

Of time and custom that oft depends

On adages, old saws, and phrases

Featuring animals, pets and such

Let a sleeping dog lie, tethered, or not


The end of day unties what those of us who choose

To let the animal lie, or not

Would you tie up a cat?

No wonder they have not days,

Merely lives


Who said to my child: “let’s play…

Must not have been having a cat

or dog day.