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About the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Association was founded in 1974 to preserve the historic and unique character and amenities of the community of Hyde Park. The nucleus of founders, including Dr. Agnes Edwards, Dorothy Richter, Merle Franke, Kathy Godwin, Tom and Ann Zelinka had coalesced in 1971/72 over the issue of Fire Station # 9. In a round of cost-cutting fervor the city manager had determined to close the local fire station. Residents found this measure counter-intuitive and draconian so they banded together to resist. The outcome was that more the a quarter century later, the 1930’s brick and tile building was still standing. Today the fire truck is never more than a minute or two away from any house in the neighborhood.

HPNA Meetings

Note: check the calendar page for upcoming meetings and events.

Association General Meetings

  • the first Monday of every month
  • Trinity United Methodist Church, 4001 Speedway, Austin, TX  78753, side chapel (closest entrance is 40th St. entrance)
  • 7:00 PM.

The meetings feature speakers from our community, local businesses, and city representatives. Members of the association are eligible to vote on issues presented at the meeting. The meeting agenda is published in the Pecan Press. Meetings that would fall on a holiday are usually rescheduled to the following week.

Steering Committee Meetings

  • the second Monday of every month; in months that the general meeting is moved back a week the steering committee meeting generally is also.
  • Trinity United Methodist Church, 4001 Speedway, Austin, TX  78753, in meeting room on 40th St. side of the building.
  • 7:00 PM.

The Steering Committee meetings are open to the all members of HPNA, however, only Steering Committee members can vote on issues.

Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

  • the 4th Monday quarterly
  • Trinity United Methodist Church, 4001 Speedway, Austin, TX  78753
  • 7:00 PM.

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (HPCTNP) is charged with addressing implementation and changes to the City-adopted Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan. This group is open to all Hyde Park residents, property owners and business owners.


The current chairperson is Pete Gilcrease. You can follow their communications on the Hyde Park Contact Team Yahoo Group.


Current HPNA Bylaws


MEMBERSHIP & DUES: Dues are $5 per year per person, or $1 for senior citizens. Dues expire September 30.

VOTING: One vote per individual member. Voting rights continue for renewing members. New members have a 30 day waiting period before they may vote.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for membership, you must reside within the boundaries of HPNA or within 300 feet of the boundaries. The boundaries south of 45th Street are: Guadalupe to Duval and 38th Street to 45th Street. The boundaries north of 45th Street are Guadalupe to Red River (excluding the intramural fields) and 51st Street to 45th Street.


Click to join via Paypal; or

Fill out the HPNA_Enrollment form and include your dues. (Make checks out to “Hyde Park Neighborhood Association”.) Membership forms are also located in the Pecan Press.

Bring your dues to the next HPNA General Meeting, or mail to:
HPNA Membership
P.O. Box 49427, Austin, Texas 78765.

Contact HPNA

Via email: hydeparkna (at)

Postal Address:
Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 49427, Austin, Texas 78765.

See the Officers and Committees for a list of specific contacts.